Client Highlight: Scott Musser

I would like to thank Scott for sharing his experience with me, and as a result, with you as well.


Holiday Spending

It seems like earlier and earlier, stores are stocking up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and more. But when you’re seeing stockings on the shelf in August, it’s hard not to question who is buying that early and why they're doing it.

Downsizing In Retirement

No matter your age or generation, consider your ideal lifestyle situation; many of us have idealized extravagant lifestyles that include large homes, fancy cars, and lavish vacations. Does your income allow for such expenditures?

Credit Card Usage Is On The Rise

How has credit card usage changed in recent years, and what does it mean? Let’s discuss.

Understanding Charitable Contributions

While the true benefit of charity is to help, you shouldn’t discount the impact of those contributions come tax season

First Year of College? Money-Saving Tips, Smart Shopping, and Student Discounts

The Hidden Costs of Lifestyle Creep

If your lifestyle expenses creep too close to your yearly income, you are losing your financial flexibility.

Evaluating The Banking Crisis in America

Bank Runs, Capital, and Recessions: What do they mean for the banking industry through 2023?

Learn More About SECURE 2.0

Learn More about the SECURE Act and what it means for your retirement planning.

Understanding Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax Loss Harvesting is a strategy that sees an investor selling their investments at a loss and investing in an equitable venture.