Divorce: Financial Strategies for a Fresh Start

Divorce is undeniably one of life's most emotionally and financially taxing experiences.

Tax Time: Making IRA Contributions

As tax season approaches, individuals are presented with a unique opportunity to optimize their financial portfolios through strategic IRA contributions, also known as your Individual Retirement Account. 


Changes to Contribution Limits in 2024

Last year, adjustments were announced across conventional contribution limits for employees. In the United States. These various investment options should be taken into consideration for your financial health. 

A Guide to Recognizing and Avoiding Common Financial Scams

Here are some common financial scams and how you can steer clear of them

Client Highlight: Scott Musser

I would like to thank Scott for sharing his experience with me, and as a result, with you as well.


Holiday Spending

It seems like earlier and earlier, stores are stocking up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and more. But when you’re seeing stockings on the shelf in August, it’s hard not to question who is buying that early and why they're doing it.

Downsizing In Retirement

No matter your age or generation, consider your ideal lifestyle situation; many of us have idealized extravagant lifestyles that include large homes, fancy cars, and lavish vacations. Does your income allow for such expenditures?

Credit Card Usage Is On The Rise

How has credit card usage changed in recent years, and what does it mean? Let’s discuss.

Understanding Charitable Contributions

While the true benefit of charity is to help, you shouldn’t discount the impact of those contributions come tax season

First Year of College? Money-Saving Tips, Smart Shopping, and Student Discounts