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If your lifestyle expenses creep too close to your yearly income, you are losing your financial flexibility.

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Bank Runs, Capital, and Recessions: What do they mean for the banking industry through 2023?

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Tax Loss Harvesting is a strategy that sees an investor selling their investments at a loss and investing in an equitable venture.

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Why a Tax Strategy Should be a Part of every Financial Plan

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Taxes affect so many parts of your life that you may not even realize, so incorporating a tax strategy into your financial plan can make a big difference on your future.


Should I Pay Down Student Loans or Save for a Home Down Payment?


At a certain point in our adult lives, we discover that there’s a little extra money after bills are paid for the month. Amazing - but what do we do with it? There are so many options: adjust our 401(k), start saving for our kids' college tuition, start looking into the world of investing.

Two common goals on that list often directly compete, with the past weighed against the future: should that extra income be used to pay down old student loans, or does it make more sense to save for a future down payment on a house?