Multi-Generational Planning

For many clients, an important part of their financial plan is leaving something for future generations. Multi-generational planning can help you do so strategically, integrating into your larger financial objectives, avoiding tax loss, and even helping educate the recipients on handling their inheritance responsibly.

Inheritance-Specific Investments

Wealth transfers should not compromise your own finances. Together, we can look at your assets, goals, and desired lifestyle and identify opportunities to invest extra resources specifically for children or grandchildren.


Typically, the first stage of your financial planning journey is an accumulation period of growing your resources and wealth. We advise on appropriate investments and asset allocation for your goals and risk tolerance, which are different for everyone.


Giving away your wealth can be subject to federal and state taxes, both while you’re living and after you’re gone. Multi-generational planning can help you craft a transfer schedule and strategy to reduce the amount lost to taxation.

Preparing the Next Generation

Receiving a windfall can be exciting, overwhelming, and potentially confusing. In the process of multi-generational planning, you and your family can work with our team to prepare your kids or grandkids for their inheritance. We’ll think through your purpose in leaving it and can help you and your family identify ways to help it do the most good.

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